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Thousands of local businesses and workers are losing out on much-needed income from cancellations due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We can help.

Download the app and use code JOUST4FREELANCERS

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Get Your Unpaid Invoices Paid

Regain money lost from events cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Have you missed out on much-needed income, publicity, or just all around fun because an event was cancelled? We would like to support those impacted, which is why we're offering:

  • Advances on unpaid invoices
  • Absolutely zero processing fees on payments
  • Free bank account

This special offer is for all businesses impacted by COVID-19 cancellations.

Chat with us to learn more.

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PayArmour Logo-01How It Works

Invoice protection that allows you to get paid upfront on late or unpaid invoices.

Process your invoice payments through PayArmour™ and get paid via same-day pay or a net30-day payment guarantee.

  1. Download the Joust app
  2. Create an Invoice
  3. Add your client
  4. Choose your pay day

*Users must have a qualified client to receive payment.


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Freelance Financial Freedom

Download the Joust app and enjoy an all-inclusive banking platform for freelancers, contractors, creatives, and the self-employed

Business Bank Account

Get an FDIC-insured bank account plus Visa debit card.


PayArmour™ Protection

Get same-day or a net30 payment guarantee on your invoices and smooth income volatility.


Payment Account

Accept all forms of payment with a Merchant Account. Manage your clients entirely in-app.

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It's available for iOS and Android